Festivals You Need To Add To Your Bucket List


Mardi Gras, Louisiana


Music festivals are a great way to pass your time as a tourist, you can meet new people, get loose and enjoy indulgent drinks and food. You may have heard about few of them, and we have gathered the most unique festivals held globally that you have to add to your bucket list!

Celebrated in the city of New Orleans, in Southern Louisiana, Mardi Gras is an annual holiday of weeks-long celebrations including major daily parades. The eventful holidays begins on Three King’s Day and ends one day prior to Ash Wednesday.

Oktoberfest, Germany


The world’s grandest beer drinking event, Oktoberfest, is held at the beginning of every October in Munich, Germany. Whether you like beer, mingling with people or both, it’s definitely a must go-to event.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Brazil’s famous Carnival is a yearly party dating back to the early 18th century. With more than 2 million visitors every day, it is considered to be the biggest carnival festivity in the world.

La Tomatina, Spain


Spain is home to some crazy festivals, and La Tomatina is certainly one of them. Basically, thousands of locals and tourists gather every year to hold a huge tomato fight, and it’s held yearly since 1945.

Diwali, Several Countries


This Hindu celebration occurs every year in India and can be translated into the “Festival of Lights”. It’s regarded as an official national holiday various Hindu countries and its main focus in on spirituality.

Burning Man, Nevada


Burning Man is one of the world’s most famous events, and it take place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert every year. The festival is known for the variety of people it attracts and the alternative music vibes that are always through the roof.

The Full Moon Party, Thailand


If you’re a tourist in Thailand, The Full Moon Party is a must see. The beach party takes places on the Thai island of Ko Pha Ngan and lasts all night long on every full moon’s night.

The Festival of San Fermin, Spain


Known for its iconic event of the running of bulls, The Festival of San Fermin in Spain is held every July in Pamplona. The thrill in running alongside and away from the bulls brings thousands of tourists every July, making it one of Spain’s most unique events.

Día de Muertos, Mexico


An iconic national event in Mexico is Dia de Muertos, Spanish for Day of the Dead. Every year, friends and family members gather to remember those who passed away, as they also support their spiritual journey.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Held every August, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place in Scotland’s capital and prides itself as the world’s grandest arts festival.