Professional Athletes That Were Caught Being Unfaithful


John Terry


The world’s most talented professional athletes seem to have it all, from their undisputed skills to money and fame they acquire during their pro career. Here are 10 athletes that we found searching for some TLC with other women.

Terry’s infidelity was truly remarkable, as he went after his wife’s best friend. If that didn’t seem to bring enough mess, the girl Terry cheated with was also the ex-girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, one of his teammates in Chelsea. Ouch.

Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods maybe have set the record for cheating husbands, as he self-proclaimed to be a sex addict. In 2009 and after repeated affairs with different women, Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren chased him out of their house. Rumor has it that Woods shared intimate relations with more than a 120 women during his five year marriage with Nordegren.

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade’s now wife, Gabrielle Union, will always have a reminder of the disloyal relationship he once had. While they were dating, Wade has fathered a son with another woman. Although it seemed there was no way out of this for Wade, it must have not bothered Union that much, as the couple got married soon afterwards despite Wade’s infedilty.

Ray Allen


Ray Allen was taken down by a mob of tweeters when he posted by accident a tweet that he was supposed to send via a direct message to his mistress at the time. Oddly enough, his wife didn’t seem to matter and their marriage is still going on; the couple has three kids.

Russel Wilson


Wilson’s marital indiscretion story sounds like it was taken straight out of a soap opera. After his wife cheated on him, the tables turned and it was Wilson whose turn it was to get caught hot handed, having an affair with the girlfriend of another NFL player, from the Detroit Lions.

Tony Parker


If Tony Parker getting caught cheating by his sizzling actress wife, Eva Longoria, wasn’t enough, he was caught having an affair with his teammate’s wife, Erin Barry. Ironically enough both Longoria and Barry divorced their spouses at the same time, following their indiscretion.

Tom Brady


Tom Brady will be long recognized for cheating on the field with the Deflategate incident. Brady can also be recognized for his cheating off the field, as he announced his relationship with Brazilian supermodel Gisele almost instantly after he left his pregnant girlfriend of three years, Bridget Moynahan.

Carmelo Anthony


They say where there is a will, there is a way, and someone found a way to directly send La La Anthony, Carmelo’s wife, emails and text messages from his alleged mistress. Despite this incident, the couple remains together and La La says that she trusts her husband.

Kobe Bryant


The first time Kobe Bryant was having an affair, cops got involved as they investigated claims of sexual assault by the women he had the affair with. While the assault was eventually deemed as a consensual affair, Bryant was later caught by his wife being unfaithful yet again. Although she filed for a divorce in 2011, the Bryants can still be seen all cuddled up on their various social media accounts until this day.

David Beckham


With a gorgeous wife and four lovely kids at home, the news of David Beckham stepping out of his marriage came as a shock. Beckham reportedly had the oldest affair in the book, with his assistant at the time Rebecca Loos, however his wife Victoria says their relationship has only gotten stronger after his unfaithful affair.