10 Celebs with an Above Average IQ You Probably Didn’t Know About


1. Lisa Kudrow



Mainly known as the “dumb blonde” in her 10-year roll on “Friends” as Phoebe. In real life her dad a world-renowned headache specialist and physician. Following his footsteps she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology planning to research for an ultimate cure for headaches.

Working with her dad for eight year before going into acting she earned research credit by participating in his study on “comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches.

“I’m not exactly a science-y kind of person, but I’m tankful for whoever pioneers a quick and permanent cure to constant headaches. My cats are starting to hide the Tylenol away because they’re paranoid about any form of medication. The only “safe thing” for their aches and pains is catnip”

2. Cindy Crawford


Cindy Crawford has top model of the nineties and without a doubt one of the most beautiful women to walk on the Runway. Elegant, Graceful and extremely smart, graduated high school as the class valedictorian earning an academic scholarship for chemical engineering at Northwestern University but attended only one quarter as her main focus was modeling. Turned out to be a smart decision.

Cindy is one of the original “Big Six” supermodels alongside Christy Turlington Burns, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Claudia Schiffer.

3. Natalie Portman


Many know her as a geek hero (played Luke Skywalker’s mom), but more importantly Natalie Portman is also an inspiration to many young girls worldwide, A beautiful actress that had a 4.0 GPA and earned a Psychology degree in Harvard.

Natalie has openly said that she doesn’t care if her education ruins her career—“I prefer being smart than to being a movie star”.
Before going to college Natalie co-authored the paper “A Simple Method to Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar” with scientists— while she was still in high school.

Furthermore during her time in Harvard Natalie contributed to a study about “Frontal lobe activation during object permanence: data from near-infrared spectroscopy.”
Natalie also took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2004. Aside from those, she also studied Arabic, French, Japanese, and German.

4. Conan O’Brien


Conan O’Brien has been one of the funniest guys in America for almost three decades, writing material for others as well as breaking through as an actor and a host himself. Due to his silly disposition and his endearing ability never to be serious, you would never think that he is one very smart guy.

Conan is one of the most educated people in all of Hollywood, graduating magna cum laude from no less than Harvard University. His main focus was history and literature and his senior thesis had to do with the use of children as symbols in writing of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor.

It was during his college years that he discovered love and incredible talent for comedy which would provide the world with so much laughter over the years

5. Ben Stein

Ben Stein, 2011 Murray State University Presidential Lecture
Ben Stein, 2011 Murray State University Presidential Lecture

The legendary scene in which he drones on: “Bueller?…Bueller?…Bueller?” in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  is how most of us remember Ben Stein in one of his first appearances in Hollywood. Over the years, he had guest roles on a number of TV shows and in a number of movies.

Before leaving his mark in cult movies and appearing on TV and cinema, Ben had immense success in writing, politics and public speaking.Writing speeches for two of the U.S. Presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, is among his resume.
He is also famous for his commentaries on a number of social, political and economic issues, as well ahis great knowledge on American finances. Being also an esusuastic writer with 7 books of fiction and 21 books of nonfiction of his being published to date.

6. Mayim Bialik


Her first Roll was as Blossom on the NBC in the nineties, but it was not until she landed the role of Amy Fowler, Sheldon’s girlfriend and neuroscientist on the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, that she became a household name, and that roll wasn’t very far from her real life, in fact she is one. Yes, really. Namely, Mayim attended the UCLA where she studied and obtained her PhD studying the activity of the hypothalamus in patients suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome.

She was also accepted at Yale and Harvard but decided to stay closer to home and enrolled to UCLA. Her other hobbies are playing bass guitar, trumpet, piano and harp which she learned for her role on The Big Bang Theory.

7. Tommy Lee Jones


A Hollywood legend with a career that spans decades and with more memorable roles than we can remember. Well, it seems that the Academy Award-winning actor is not just a commanding silver screen presence, but also a highly intelligent Harvard man.

He hails from a modest family and he attended the St. Mark’s School of Texas on a scholarship. He continues his ties with the school to this day and he is currently on its board of directors.

He later enrolled in Harvard on a need-based scholarship where he had a room across Al Gore, who would later become Vice President of the United States. Jones graduated cum laude from Harvard, with a BA in English. His senior thesis was on the subject of “the mechanics of Catholicism” in the writings of Flannery O’Connor.

8. Steve Martin


Imagine Steve Martin as a particularly intelligent character; pretty hard after an entire career playing all kinds of idiots and less-than-clever individuals. But you know what they say – the smarter the person, the better he or she is at playing dumb people. And no one plays dumb people like Steve does.

Described as highly intelligent, on the verge of being a genius, by anyone who has known him for some time and he really is a member of MENSA, with an IQ of 142. Before going into acting, Steve wanted to become a philosophy professor and he even studied philosophy at the Long Beach State College. He never graduated, as he transferred to University of California because of their theater program. Oh yeah, he also plays a mean banjo!

9. James Franco


James Franco a love or hate kind of guy, but without a doubt one of the most talented new faces in Hollywood and, this might be a surprise, highly intelligent. In his interviews and despite the somewhat bohemian disposition that he gives off, you can always sense the pure intelligence beneath it all.

As proof to his big brains, just take a look at the list of universities that James attended: UCLA, New York University, Yale University and Columbia. He also finished his first degree with a stunning GPA of 3.5.

If that is not enough, James has also been teaching at most of these schools, albeit in his fields – Film and English. In short, he is not just another pretty face. There is much more beneath the surface.

10. Ashton Kutcher


The pretty face with a dumb look from “That 70s Show”, a lovable guy. He is what you call the full package, handsome, down-to-earth and he seems like a guy you could just hang out with. He also happens to be one very bright guy as well, a guy who just might have pursued a career in engineering if things worked out a bit differently.

Kutcher enrolled University of Iowa where he planned to major in biochemical engineering, hoping to develop a cure for the heart ailment that his twin brother suffered from. Due to his mischievous nature and his lifestyle at the time, Ashton was kicked out of his apartment and got himself in all kinds of trouble.

As his modeling career started to look up, he dropped out of college and the rest is history. However, this takes nothing away from the fact that he is exceptionally bright and finally at peace with himself.