After her amazing show in the super ball , and her criticism of the incoming president we just had to go back and remember of the moment that made lady Gaga what she is today, an artist with a statement that is truly isn’t afraid to “Bring it on”. Here are our top 10 ( it wast easy to choose!).

Meat dress


Relatively few will overlook the meat dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Is it accurate to say that it was act? A statement  against  persecution?  Or  just  absolute revolting? In any case,  Gaga’s  currently scandalous  appearance at MTV Video Music Awards wearing a Franc Fernandez-planned outfit involving the flesh of dead animals is doubtlessly her most prominent controversy to date.

In love with judas


Lady Gaga stirred up a great deal of controversy after she utilized religious symbolism in two of her music recordings. The Catholic-conceived artist wore a latex garment composed after a religious nun’s robe, and gulped rosary beads in the 2010 video for ‘Alejandro’. The Catholic League stood up, yet boss Steven Klein requested that the imagery was “not planned to show anything negative, but instead address the character’s battle between the dim forces of this world and the salvation of the Soul.”

Lady Gaga covered in Blood during live shows


 Lady Gaga’s enormous ‘Monster Ball’ visit was not without its controversial moments. It was her appearance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards that saw Lady Gaga graduate from idiosyncratic pop star to larger-than life, headline snatching icon. Be that as it may, the highlight of Gaga’s  VMA presentation was her outstanding performance of ” aparazzi’, during which she spread fake blood all over her face and body, and finished up dangling lifelessly from the roof.

Lady Gaga Hatches From Egg At Grammy Awards 2011


Recall when Lady Gaga stole the spotlight at the Grammys in 2011 and arrived in a larger than usual egg? Gaga wouldn’t talk or do interviews while she was in “incubation.” “She’s in an unborn state and won’t be conceived until the performance,” her assistant told Ryan Seacrest. Gaga later rose up out of the temperature-controlled vessel to sing ‘Born This Way’ and to acknowledge three awards, including best pop vocal album.

Meet Jo Calderone


Lady Gaga dressed up as her modify ego Jo Calderone for the 2011 VMAs. She adopted the male character for a considerable length of time before the show, and made a personality that was brash, brunette, and not reluctant to go in for a Britney Spears kiss. “She appeared as Jo, practiced as Jo … in the event if said “Gaga,” she wouldn’t react,” said VMA Executive Producer Dave Sirulnick. “Throughout the years, a great deal of individuals have done lots of things, plenty individuals have worn lots of things, yet nobody has been that dedicated, that in character. She’s smoking in the building, she was holding court in the crowd, you know, Kanye, Katy, Adele, Tony Bennett, they adored it.”

Lady Gaga the vomit artist


The artist unquestionably put the “gag” in Gaga for her performance at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest celebration in March 2014. While singing tracks from her most up to date collection, ‘Artpop’, Lady Gaga brought out London painter Millie Brown, who continued to chug a container of neon-green fluid and afterward vomit all over the superstar. “For us, that performance was art in its purest shape. In any case, we absolutely comprehend that a few people won’t be into it,” Gaga later clarified.

Lady Gaga Twitter Feuds


Being a provocative pop artiste will undoubtedly carry with it some dramatization, and where better to air your own grievances than Twitter? In 2013, Lady Gaga was sucked into her first celeb Twitter quarrel with talk blogger and previous buddy Perez Hilton, after she blamed him for stalking her. Soon thereafter, a long-blazing tiff ejected when the artist sent Kelly Osbourne a birthday cake as “a peace offering” and Osbourne advised Gaga to “eat my s – .” Maroon 5 artist Adam Levine additionally tore into Lady Gaga, tweeting, “reusing old art … doesn’t make you an artist. It makes you a art educator.” Gaga reacted with, “Uh gracious folks the art police is here.”

Lady Gaga Attends New York Mets Baseball Game In Underwear


The vast majority wear their baseball team’s copy pack when they go to watch them play, but not Lady Gaga. The ‘Marry the Night’ star wore her underwear when she went to watch a New York Mets baseball game the previous summer, with just a leather jacket to ensure her humility.

EX-boyfriend Lawsuit


In 2010, Lady Gaga’s distinction additionally carried with it a progression of lawsuits “Everybody who propelled her is hoping to take advantage of her prosperity. What’s more, that implies claims … lots of them,” wrote Forbes. Gaga needed to battle with a $30 million lawsuit from ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari, who claimed he found and branded the artist and was qualified for a share of the benefits. Successively, an artist named Wendy Starland sued Fusari, declaring she introduced the two and furthermore merited pay.

Lady Gaga’s controversial collaborations


Lady Gaga is acclaimed for pushing the artistry envelope, however she was careful about the debate encompassing her music-video with R. Kelly and picture taker Terry Richardson, both of whom have been blamed for sexual unfortunate behavior. The suggestive video for “Do What U Want” was coordinated by Richardson, but never saw the light of day. As far as it concerns her, Gaga stated the video was removed because of the fumble of her “time and health.”