The 5 Most Ugliest Celebrities


1. Marilyn Manson


It’s not that he doesn’t have good looks, but he has chosen a way to scare and disgust people with his ghost appearance. His scary blue eyes, bloody red lips and intense makeup added on his face, makes him one of the ugliest celebrities around the world.

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein


This lady is just obsessed with plastic surgeries. Wildenstein has spent over $4 million on plastic surgeries that just made her look hideous. She is the ex-wife of the famous art dealer Alec Wildenstein, and due to the amount of money, she has she spends it all on ruining her face. She has been known as ‘The bride of Wildenstein’.

3. Ronaldinho


Used to be one of the world’s best soccer players, but he’s also one of the ugliest. Maybe this Brazilian should do like some of the other celebrities and use his money for plastic surgeries.

4. Michael Berryman


This star is suffering from a disease named Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. With this disease, the person doesn’t have sweat glands, hair, nails, and even teeth. His disease has managed to cast him in some movies and TV shows, but he will still remain one of the ugliest celebrities, even though the ugliness didn’t come by his choice.

5. Michael Jackson


Although Michael Jackson was very famous around the world for his amazing dancing moves and for his brilliant musical talent, he focused too much on his looks and might have done too many plastic surgeries. The face that he had in the end clearly showed that he was among the ugliest celebrities around the world.