Mobile Strike – iOS App Review



Tired of downloading disappointing strategy games from the App Store? Don’t you just hate scrolling down the never-ending list of games, installing and removing more and more apps that are just not worth it…? One of the ways to skip the download-play-delete cycle most gamers face is by following this week’s APP OF THE WEEK recommendation and this time Mobile Strike in my Sight.

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Mobile Strike:

The biggest difference I found between Mobile Strike and other strategy games available for iOS was the level of game maturity right from the get-go. Forget about slow-paced strategy games, Mobile Strike doesn’t waste your time and unveils an arsenal of features getting you immersed in the game. You get to create alliances and join players from around the world to fight against enemies on the battlefield in a truly social multiplayer gaming experience… All while deploying artillery, machine gunners and missile launchers to destroy traps and ruses set-up by your opponents.

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Mobile Strike delivers a surprisingly well-rounded game with a wide variety of tools and technologies available in no other free to play game. So there is no better time to start your journey towards world domination. Grab your iPad immediately… Mobile Strike is going to lead you there now. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!