Addict Review: Mobile Strike for iPhone



Tired of downloading disappointing strategy games from the App Store? Don’t you just hate scrolling down the never-ending list of games, installing and removing more and more apps that are just not worth it? One of the ways to skip the download-play-delete cycle most gamers face is by following this week’s APP OF THE WEEK recommendation and this time Mobile Strike in our sight.

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Mobile Strike:

We tried Mobile Strike, by Epic War, and it is definitely a highly addicting MMO war game, in fact, it’s the biggest mobile military MMO, as far as we know. Since it’s played by millions of people worldwide, there’s unlimited potential for both alliances to form and enemies to fight. In my book, that means unlimited potential for power, too!

When I started playing Mobile Strike I first built up my armed base with farms, oil wells, gold and iron mines, and quarries. I liked that I was able to customize the base to be defensive or offensive, and also build up my power with a bunch of different kinds of troops, traps for the enemies and even form cross-state alliances. Schwarzenegger is even on your side in Mobile Strike, which always means lots of ACTION.

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In Mobile Strike you can earn VIP points as you play or buy them to get them faster, but there is no requirement to pay for them. That’s always important. Once you have power, you can form powerful armies to attack rebel targets, and eventually become a Head of State. So if you are ready for some heavy fire power all you need to do is download Mobile Strike now for free from the App Store, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed