Addict Review: Vikings: War of clans – MMO Strategy Game


Vikings: War of clans – MMO Strategy Game

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The amazing graphics are just one of the reasons I loved Plarium’s new massively multiplayer real time strategy game, ‘Vikings: War of Clans’.
I played it right on my desktop computer after trying it on my phone. ‘Vikings: War of Clans’ is a battle for northern territory and follows the popular app with the same name.

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Just like in the mobile version, in ‘Vikings: War of Clans’ you’re playing as Jarl, and leading an invasion of enemy lands. You’ll build a home base for your clan, a defended fortress and town, with several ways to boost your power. If you asked me to describe ‘War of Clans‘ in one word I would probably choose AWESOME!  And you can’t expect anything less from a game which uses gold and beer as the two main currencies.

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The new game is packed with 3D animations and realistic battles to defend your land and acquire more. You’ll expand your clan, and your power along with it.
What are you waiting for? ‘Vikings: War of Clans’ is an action-packed game and the best part it`s  FREE!