5 Scientific Reasons Why Mondays Are The Worst


1. Sleeping-In is tiring


According to studies, sleeping-in and over resting during the weekend can actually harm your sleep patterns, leaving you fatigued at the start of the week. We often use the weekend as an opportunity to “catch up” on lost sleeping hours, but these sleep-in’s are putting our body out of whack, enough to change bedtime on Sunday night which leads to Monday blues the next morning.

2. Emotional change from fun weekend to work routine


This study claims that despite the bad reputation Mondays have, they aren’t actually worse than the rest of the work days – it’s just our memory that makes them seem so terrible.  When asked during the week people ranked their mood same on all the days, but in retrospective, they remembered Monday as the worst – this is thanks to the emotional shift between the high of the weekend, to the down of the start of the work week.

3. You’re not at your best (to say the least)


A lot of people say they feel worse about themselves on Monday, and this might explain why: Scientists have found that we weigh the most, and are prone to skin imperfections and breakouts at the beginning of the week. Mondays are also the most common day to suffer from heart attacks and strokes.

4. No one smiles back


This reason doesn’t need too much research to support it – everyone is less happy on Monday morning (for reasons mentions before) and so they are less likely to smile to their colleagues. Men being social animals as we are – this has an influence on the general social atmosphere and mood that surrounds us all.

5. You don’t like your job


If waking up at the beginning of the week to a brand new week of work gets you depressed, and you keep feel the same all week until you go home for the weekend – maybe the problem is not Monday blues, maybe you just need to find a better job that will intrigue, fascinate and challenge you in a way that you will actually enjoy your time working.