Celebrity Tips to Maintain a Young and Healthy Look


Jennifer Aniston


According to Jennifer Aniston, it’s all about what you put in and how hard you work out.  The actress follows a healthy diet for years, which includes lots of fruits & vegetables, and at least a liter of water per day.  As a snack, she eats frozen berries and grapes.  In addition to keeping a healthy diet, Aniston couldn’t imagine her life without sport. Her training routine includes alternating exercises between stationary bikes, running, and circular strength training. Aniston is also a huge fan of yoga and meditation.

Kim Kardashian


The first lady of reality trash TV- Kim Kardashian definitely has a few things that we can learn from when it comes to beauty. Apart from having a team of pros working on her beauty treatments and makeup, Kim confessed to being a Fraxel fan. Fraxel is a laser treatment that resurfaces the skin and is one of Kim’s favorites. Just a small warning- it can cost up to $2,500 a session!

Victoria Beckham


This ex-space girl/designer/wife of is much known for her glowing white skin, but the tip behind it will blow your mind! According to Beckham, she used to have very problematic skin until she met an LA dermatologist called Dr. Harold Lancer, which sorted out all her skin problems with one main tip – “eat salmon”. Everyday? Yes! The actress swears by this and keeps a rigid diet with a daily salmon portion, either on breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Jennifer Lopez


This Latino bombshell is certainly a woman we can learn from! Lopez’s number one tip is – wear sunscreen. You’ll never find her outside without SPF15 or higher. She also pampers herself to collagen masks. Although the treatment can take a few hours, Lopez is a captivated client, which keeps this treatment as part of her regular beauty routine.