Addict Review: Final Fantasy now on Mobile



If you love playing strategy games on your iPad, how many times have you downloaded a new game that you thought was going to be awesome… and ended up being disappointed? Picking a good strategy game for your mobile device is becoming a more difficult task with every day that passes by.

With more than 500 games released every day (15,000 every month!) how are you supposed to separate the good from the bad? It doesn’t matter if you are a nb or a hardcore gamer… how are you supposed to find the best game in the jungle that is the App Store?!?

There are actually a few ways for you to find the perfect new strategy game. You can scroll down the never-ending list of apps, install and remove more and more games from your iPad… Or you can just follow this week’s APP OF THE WEEK recommendation. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this new strategy game:

Final Fantasy:


Final Fantasy XV came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last November. The open-world role-playing game became a hit, shipping over 6 million copies worldwide.

Well, if you’re a Final Fantasy XV fan you’re in luck as Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has made its way to Android and IOS, giving the franchise another mobile game that you can carry in your pocket and another excuse to minimize small talks out in public.

If you love playing strategy games, you must know that the way of failproof to find a good one, is to find a game that has its series running is for more than ten years now! In Addition to that, the game is promoted by one of the biggest app publishing companies…MachineZone, with a successful track record in developing and publishing global mobile game.

Resembling the last hits from MZ, this game is pulling up fast on the charts. If we put aside the regular building that we all are used to in strategy games, what really separates this game from other strategy games is the Guild, where you join groups of players from around the world.


Furthermore, once the game has been downloaded, one of the best exclusive tips we can share with you is that you’ll want to look into joining a guild, especially if you plan on playing the game for a while. Joining a guild is good for a lot of things. For example, the first time you join a guild you’ll be receiving 100 Gold, the game’s premium currency. You can also start helping out your fellow guide mates, which will let you earn loyalty, which you can then use to purchase special items from the Guild Store. Loyalty also lets you purchase a VIP subscription, which is extremely helpful as it reduces construction time.

The only major thing you need to know about this game is that the $5 Founder’s Pack is worth the money! The pack gave us a game-breaking amount of resources, enough experience to shoot up Noctis from level 2 to level 8, and enough Gold and speed up items.

IF you are ready to start your journey towards your biggest fantasy, grab your iPad immediately… Final fantasy is going to lead you there now! All you need to do is to download Final Fantasy now for free from the App Store